Valuation Solutions for a
Complex World

Valuation Solutions for a
Complex World

Automated Valuation Model Offerings

InsideValuation, A Division of LRES provides a suite of residential evaluation products so that clients can make informed decisions about their real estate holdings and strategies.  Clients who provide home equity loans, loan servicing, real estate portfolio management and who require due diligence data use AVMs for instant, low cost estimated values of single family residential properties.

By offering the industry's leading Automated Valuation Models, including those from Freddie Mac and CoreLogic, InsideValuation, A Division of LRESprovides a comprehensive AVM solution for lenders, servicers and investors. 

InsideValuation, A Division of LRES offers the following AVM solutions:

  • Home Value Explorer (HVE) by Freddie Mac
  • PASS® by CoreLogic
  • Home Price Analyzer® (HPA) by CoreLogic
  • PowerBase 6®(PB6) by CoreLogic
  • ValuePoint® 4 (VP4) by CoreLogic

When an AVM solution is used in conjunction with the Property Condition Report, clients can rely on a compliant valuation solution for home equity lending purposes.

AVM reports are available in bulk and individual order management.