Valuation Solutions for a
Complex World

Valuation Solutions for a
Complex World

Residential Evaluation Products

Residential Evaluation

InsideValuation, A Division of LRES provides a comprehensive residential  valuation for select residential properties in most markets and includes reports for  single-family, multi-family (up to 4 units) and residential land property types.  The standard Residential Evaluation consists of an exterior inspection and includes:

  • Listing information for the subject property
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  • Prior transaction history for the subject property
  • Summary of neighborhood market conditionsand subject's marketability
  • Neighborhood REO data and information
  • Exterior photos of subject property
  • Location map of the subject property
  • In depth commentary about the subject property

All reports conform to standards established by the Federal Interagency Guidelines as do the processes performed by InsideValuation, A Division of LRES in the creation of the reports.*

InsideValuation, A Division of LRES offers interior inspection reports and expedited delivery of reports as well.

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* Notice to Nevada residents: products offered for real property in Nevada are limited to broker price opinions within the meaning of and pursuant to NRS 645.2515.